My name is Marianna Nyárasdi, but most people know me as Jana.

My equestrian career started over 20 years ago with a wish every little girl has: I wanted to talk with horses and ride without saddle and bridle. I had to realize there's much more to the relationship with horses.

I started riding when I was 12 years old and after finishing my elementary studies, I followed my dreams to Szécsény, Hungary where I earned my certificate in horse husbandry.

I bought my first horse Harold, a bay gelding in 2005. Around this time I started working as a groom and a riding teacher, and just started getting into natural horsemanship. Harold was an incredibly challenging horse, many times I wanted to give up on his education, but my love for him and several small successes made me push through. The experiences I had with him during these times, later proved to be quite useful in working with other horses. He made me realize that I could essentially train any horse, no matter how challenging.

Through natural horsemanship I got to know western riding and also started working at a western ranch. I took part in quite a few clinics on natural horsemanship.

I had the opportunity to attend one of Jeff Sanders' clinics. I learned about buckaroos and traditional western riding from him.

In 2011 I helped establish the Young Liberty Trainers' Association of Hungary. We are still very much active, we do liberty shows and open days.

In 2012 I got my second horse, a shetland mare called Luca.

István Gőblyös started me on my road to the classical art of riding, he encouraged me and taught me a lot. So I began riding according to the academic masters, while still using the principles of natural horsemanship. I was fortunate enough to attend the clinics of such masters as Sabine Oettel and Christopher Dahlgren.

I am constantly improving myself, studying the theory of riding and bettering my practical skills.

In fall of 2017 I got my third horse, Dév (Dave), a young chestnut stallion.

Through years of practical and theoretical experience I learned a method, which allowed me not only to ride at liberty but also to create my own system which I truly believe in.

Teaching allows me to share this knowledge with others who also want to experience the perfect harmony and beauty in riding that can only come from within and not from forced movement.

My own example proves that any rider and any horse is capable of achieving this, regardless of breed or circumstances.



- bay gelding born in 1993

- pedigree unknown

- own him since 2005


- born 07.05.2011

- shetland mare

- own her since 2013

DÉV (Déva Tóbiás)

- born 24.05.2014

- Kisber Felver stallion

- own him since october 2017